Where is Canopy Vista?


Canopy Vista is a 35 minute walk from the town of Dominical, Costa Rica. If you are in Dominica, simply continue south along the Costanera highway until you see the Roca Verde restaurant on your right. Just to your left is a road that connects to Mango Manor and the one right after that is Mango Manor. Both of these are steep roads and will require a 4wd vehicle with about 7 switchbacks up to the top. Once you get to the top, you would make a right and you'll se the big wooden gate shortly on your left.

The next road down going south is next to a soccer field on your left. This one is less steep. Turn left and then make your first left at the guard station and tell them you are residing at the Rainforest Preserve, lot 7, and the guards should let you go in. Continue on that road several kilometers until you see the big wooden gate on your right.

Dominical is a small surfing and resort town located about 1 1/2/ hours drive south of Quepos, and about 1 1/4 hour drive from San Isidro del General (locally known as Perez), and about 3 1/2 hours from San Jose. See the map below

Driving directions from San Jose:

You have two scenic routes to get to Dominical, and you may want to pick the one that seems to have the most favorable weather so you don't run into washed out bridges or mudslides if you are visiting during the rainey season. The Pan American Highway route thru Cartago and on down to San Isidro de General and then to Dominical is all paved, but is very high and you may run into fog. It also tends to have lots of truck traffic. However it is beautiful and you may catch the site of the Resplendent Quetsel at one of the northern small reserves.

We usually take the coastal route towards Jaco and then on south to Quepos because we are always eager to see the ocean & beaches. As we speak the gravel road between Quepos and Dominical is getting new bridges & pavement.

Map to Dominical