Where are the best places to swim & surf?


Dominical beach, a 15 minute walk downhill from Canopy Vistaand a 45 minute walk uphill is an internationally-known surfing beach. It also has rip tides, which the surfers love, because they have learned to harness them to take them beyond the breakers to catch the waves back in again on their surf boards. My son took his first surf lesson at Dominicalito (little Dominical) beach, because the waves are smaller. The water is almost like bath water it is so warm!

I like to swim at Dominical Beach near the lifeguard station, at the Ballena Beach Club beach, at Ballena National Marine Sanctuary public beach, and at the white sandy beaches of Manual Antonio. The Manuel Antonio beach is located about 45 minutes to the north.

There are also many special swimming holes near waterfalls that you can hike or take horseback rides to.